Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My Weight Loss "gain??" Update

Hello lovelies

So,,, I didn't find last month to be easy at all. I didn't stick fully to my plan but I was very close. the one thing that was out of control was my late night snacking. No matter how hard I try I'd be overwhelmed with an  urge to eat anything, it doesn't have to be sweet it just has to be food.

Photo by Rohit Mattoo

I knew the reason behind my weird, unusual appetite: My stupid birth control pills. I used to take this particular kind "Marvelon" before and I experienced the same wet appetite for food all day but that was back when I wasn't trying to lose weight so it didn't matter that much. Now it matters a lot and its weakening my will to eat less and in strict hours.

I'm on the look out for different pills, If you know from experience something that will not make me eat uncontrollably then please tell me in a comment below,, Thanks in advance <3 <3

Today is the 2nd of Oct 2013
My weight today is 83.6 Kg 
I've gained 3.6 Kg in the past month

My plan is still  pretty much the same, I'll be changing my pills and hope the next month becomes a little easier  >_<

Thanks for reading till this point and I'll be seeing you next month, Hopefully with some good news,, Take care.. xx