Friday, 16 August 2013

A Personal Update,,

Hello lovelies,,

Most of you don't know this about me: I am a BIG girl.... the biggest girl in my father's family >_< 
I can easily admit to that because its very obvious that there is no point lying about it.
But this is not how I want to be for the rest of my life, and I thought someone in the same place I'm in might find some inspiration in my ongoing story.

Before I talk about my plan and what I will be doing to fix this situation, let me tell you my story with obesity (if you're not interested in this part you can just skip to the paragraph after the line of stars) :) : 

I've always struggled with my weight - ever since i was 9 years old - and I never really thought about the reason why. I didn't listen to anyone who tried to talk to me about my eating habits or about exercise, I almost always reacted to that by eating more junk food and hating exercise even more.

But then life went on, I got married, got pregnant and my weight went through the roof.
I gained 23 kilos (50 pounds) during my pregnancy and I didn't lose any of it after my baby was born..... I tried crash dieting - which is an intense diet that makes you lose a lot of weight in a short time - but like everyone else who tried these, I regained every kilo back faster than I lost it and that really depressed me,, and I just gave up!!

I thought I'm never losing this weight for good, I'll starve  myself and get nowhere because I'll always regain any weight I lose. I honestly believed that,, until My little family went to live in london for a while.

Public transportation was excellent so we decided we're not getting a car, which meant I started walking a lot more than I used to back home. What really surprised me was - even though I was pregnant with my second baby- I didn't gain any weight at all, not a single ounce during my pregnancy in london.

 I was eating "healthy" compared to my usual diet, I stopped drinking fruit juice even the unsweetened kind, I drank a lot more water and stopped the caffeine. And what surprised me the most was that I had the will to do it all. 

I gave birth to my second baby during november 2010, what was considered the coldest winter london had to go through for the past 10 years or so. So I barely left the house and started eating more junk food and I lost all interest in my weight loss process. 


Until the beginning of this year 2013, 
I stood on a scale one day to find out that my weight has gone up again, I weighed 89 kilos (196 pounds) and I'm only 5' tall >_<
I've decided I had ENOUGH of my own laziness and my non-existing will, and my lack of trying to do anything about it. So I took matters seriously this time, I Promised myself that I Will lose all my extra weight the right way and I'll keep it off.

My starting date was 3rd of January 2013
My starting weight was 89 kilos (196 pounds)
My frame size is medium
I'm 5' tall
My goal is to lose 36 kilos (80 pounds)

Disclaimer: I have to say that I'm not an expert of any kind when it comes to nutrition and dieting but what I'm doing is some tips that I got from a nutritionist who evaluated my case and gave me some pointers.
However, I've read about this a lot so some of the things I'm doing are my own twist on the tips she gave me, just to make everything doable as a lifestyle and not just a temporary diet.

The following plan is what I've been doing from the beginning of 2013 and I've lost 9 kilos (19.8 pounds) so far :)
  1. No deadlines except for the goal weight which for me is 53 kilos (116 pounds)
  2. Stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime
  3. Drink 8 cups of water everyday
  4. Walk for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday
  5. Snack on fruits and vegetables - my personal  favorites are baby carrots and green apples and kiwi
  6. Switch Ice cream for frozen yogurt - and eat in moderation
  7. Stop all soft drinks - all carbonated sugary drinks
  8. Switch fruit juice for actual fruits - you can use the fibers that the full fruit contains
  9. don't walk through the sweets, candy and chocolate isles of the supermarket - this will cut down the amount of unhealthy snacks you buy.
  10. Eat 1200-1300 calories everyday - cut back to 1200 calories when you don't workout and reward yourself when you do with 1300 calories.
  11. Use the MyFitnessPal App to help track your calorie intake and your exercise. 

So, What do you think???
 if you like my plan and think that you can do it or any part of it for the next month then please let me know in the comment section below and we can be weightloss buddies :)

If you are -by any chance- an expert reading this post and you disagree with me on some points then please set me straight, professional advice is always welcome.

I will be doing monthly updates on this topic,, But it won't be as long as this post, just my current weight and any changes I might have on my plan.

Thanks for staying with me till the end of this super long post, Take care Lovelies and I'll talk to you soon, xx


  1. Great goals :) I lost some weight after packing on nearly 10 lbs after my exam period. It took hard work - going to the gym and restricting my caloric intake. I have every faith that you can do whatever you want to do, as long as you believe in yourself and that you don't quit. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY WEIGHT LOSS! YOU CAN DO THIS! x

    1. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement Amanda, I do believe in myself but I often need someone to remind me that I do :) Congratulations on your own weight loss success, It's truly inspiring to know that people have went through similar paths as me and made it to the other side successfully.. Good job!! xx

  2. Sounds great except that is a very low amount of calories. Congrats on your weightloss!

    1. Thanks lovely,,
      I know its a low amount of calories but I'm trying to limit myself from going too much over it you know?? When the goal is 1200 I tend to eat up to 1299 ^_^ I know I shouldn't but as long as its under 1300 I feel ok

      I've consulted a nutritionist at a diet center- the kind that sends you your meals for the day- and she had me on a 1050-1100 calories a day and I couldn't take it to be honest.. So I'm setting my goal a little higher and allowing a small margin for snaking ;p