Sunday, 16 June 2013

Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butters: Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies,,,

Long time no see ^_^ I've honestly missed you guys, and I'm working on a blogging schedule, I promise <3

Today I'm here with a review, but I'd like to ask you some Q's first,

Are you struggling with dry, flaky, chapped or even bleeding lips?
Does wearing lipstick make your lips drier than usual?

a while back my answer to these questions was: YES !!

I even started hating lipstick altogether.

And then, a new product showed up at the horizon,

 Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butters

It was a marriage between a lipstick and a lip balm, and it was Amazing 

This product has changed the way my lips feel, For ever.

Let me show you how cute the packaging is:

I loved the idea of making the color very obvious, no need to flip the tube or open the lid.

They just look delicious <3


lets start by stating the company's description of the product, the claim the following:

1- Hydrating mango, Shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%
2- Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth
3- Sheer to medium color with buttery shine

About the percentage they're giving in the first claim, there is no way I can calculate that ,, ha ha
but I did notice a big difference about the amount of moisture in my lips and I was really satisfied with that.

The formula is indeed very smooth and buttery and quit pleasant, I might add. It felt light and creamy and comfortable to talk, eat and drink while wearing it.

The color intensity is just the right amount for daily use, it is work appropriate and perfect if i'm going for a laid-back evening look. Some of the colors are sheer and some are build-able to medium

The original line consists of 20 colors but I only got 8 and that's because that's all I could find in the market.


I really Loved these lip butters and I've been recommending them for everyone I know and I've been giving them away as gifts. They are moderately prices but the amount of product is less then I would like, I ran out of my (cotton Candy) twice that I had to buy extra as back up. The staying power for these lipsticks/lip balms is kinda poor but then again, they are mostly lip balms with extra pigments in them so cut them some slack ^_^

That's all I had to say about these guys, I took a ton of photos and did some swatches so I'll leave you with that. Let me know what you thought of the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters in the comments section bellow,
and til I talk to you again, Take Care xx

Strawberry Shortcake / Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy: A light cool-pink with a golden sheen
Strawberry Shortcake: A light warm-pink
Pink Truffle / Peach Parfait
Peach Parfait: a peachy nude with a little bit of glitter
Pink Truffle: a pinkish-brown nude
Candy Apple / Tutti Frutti
Tutti Frutti: a bright coral-y orange 
Candy Apple: a bright orange-y red
Raspberry Pie / Lollipop
Lollipop: A bright cool-pink
Raspberry Pie: a deep cool-red

The center picture is my bare lips with nothing on them.