Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Black Friday Haul: Sigma - Unboxing

Hello lovelies,

Recently, I have become very interested in Sigma. I became a Sigma affiliate last May and as a welcoming gesture, they sent me a gift: Their F80 flat kabuki brush. I was so happy with the brush, I used it and loved it right away. 
When Sigma announced their black Friday deal of free worldwide shipping on all online orders, I had to take advantage of the offer. I bought three sets of brushes (18 brushes in total) and their  dry'n shape Brush roll/holder.
I placed my order on November 22nd during Black Friday, I received the package on December 3rd: I honestly wasn't expecting it to arrive for at least two more weeks.
And since opening new packages is always so exciting for me, I thought I'd share it with all of you ^_^ so I photographed every step of the process as I did it:

The Package as I got it, nice and clean
Right after opening the outer box
All the items I bought, in separate boxes
The Synthetic Kabuki Kit, 5  Different shapes for all my cream and liquid face products.  Well, except for the round  Kabuki brush which can be used for mineral foundation as well 
The Synthetic Precision Kit, 5 Shapes to fit right into different hard-to-reach areas , Like under the eyes and around the nose and such
The Performance Eyes Kit, 8 small brushes for perfecting all details of my eye look, I was particularly amazed by how small the liner brush is,, Here, I'll show you.....  
This is the E11 eyeliner brush, very short and fine for the finest lines and wings ever. Lets compare this to a regular eyeliner brush: 
Here you can see the difference between the tiny E11 eyeliner brush (Black) and the regular sized E05 eyeliner brush (Pink)  
Oh, and his beautiful Hot pink eyeliner brush was sent to me for free, because  I paid more than $30 for my order. Sigh,, My first ever hot pink brush :)

I just received those three days ago, so all I can say for now is that the performance kit has the smallest eyeliner brush I've ever seen in my life and I can't wait to try everything and tell you guys how I like them.

Disclaimer: I am a Sigma affiliate and I paid for all the brushes I showed you (except for the hot pink brush which was a gift on all orders over $30), My opinions are my own and they are not influenced by gifts or freebies or by me being an affiliate to this or that company. If I like a product I'll say something nice about it and if I don't I'll let you know all the reasons why.

Thank you for joining me today on this haul, make sure to check back every week or two for reviews of everything you saw in this post. Take care, have a nice holiday and I'll see you soon, xx