Sunday, 17 June 2012

Welcome to Makeup Land - Plus: How I Won 36 Lip Tars From OCC

Hi Lovlies ^_^

OMG I missed you guys, It has been awhile since my last post. Today I'm in my best mood ever!!


I've been a member of an awesome online makeup community called The MakeupBee for several months now.

The website is a heaven for makeup lovers, beginners and professionals. Members are from all over the world and everyone is super talented. Let me show you some of my favorites:

Olga B.
Has 67 photos most of them tutorials

Sarah C.
Has 40 looks and so creative

Lala M.
Has 17 looks on MakeupBee and more on her blog
Her photos are flawless

Veronica M.
Has 81 looks all of them Absolutely beautiful

Joanna F.
20 Looks all Flawless and stunning

There are so many more I wanted to mention and didn't just to save space ^_^

 When you sign up you can upload your looks and make your own profile, view other peoples' looks and profiles and participate in competitions held regularly in collaboration with well-known make up brands. And that was exactly what I did ^_^

(Check out looks #1, #2, #3) 

and made it to the top 10, Which made me sooooooooo excited it was nerve wrecking.

Photo curtsey of

To my surprise and absolute disbelief, the judges of the compitition, OCC cosmetics and MakeupBee organizers, chose ME to be the winner of the full set of OCC LipTars in 36 shades and a lip brush.
I couldn't believe it, Damn.. I still can't :D 

I've liked MakeupBee from the first visit and I've been telling people about it, But now I really love it. I encourage everyone who uses make up to join this amazingly inspiring community, believe me you won't regret it ^_^ 

Until next time wishing you the best of luck, Take care xx,


  1. WOOO!!
    makeup bee user as well haha :D
    Please please please review the Liptars? xoxo
    - Val

    1. ^_^ So you know what I'm talking about, buzz buzz .. :-P
      I'll definitely review and swatch all the lip tars in a coming post, I'm still waiting for them to arrive ^_^ so stay tuned

      Thanks for stopping by, xx