Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Project INGLOT: The End Results

Hi every one, I know I know, Its been way too long since my last Project INGLOT blog post and I'm so sorry for that. But I really needed all the time I took to wear every eyeshadow I swatched for you here so my review would be as accurate as possible.

 Two, or maybe three, years ago, I discovered INGLOT, a new (in my country) but professional looking make up brand.

I tried to resist, I swear.... but in just TWO months I'd bought most of these round pans

They are affordable -Less than half price compared to MAC in the UK cause I lived in london back then- and so pigmented I just couldn't stop myself.

Oh, and by the time I'm publishing this I have 14 more shades that I recently bought that aren't included in the swatches and pictures I'm posting today, but I'll do a different post about them next month.

DISCLAIMER: I bought every single one of these eyeshadows myself with my own money. I'm not being paid to review them and everything I say next is my own personal opinion, influenced by my experience and nothing else.

 So, lets begin: These eyeshadows come in 5 different finishes:

Matte: solid colour with no shimmer or glitter
Pearl: shimmery colour
AMC: Stands for Advanced makeup Component
mostly semi matte and satin colours, some have a hint of glitter some don't.
AMC Shine: shimmery colour with a hint of glitter.
D.S: stands for Double Sparkle
Matte colour with glitter.

To make it easier for you and me to compare them to each other, I rearranged them into 4 groups of colours and match numbered each eyeshadow pan with its swatch. All shades were swatched on a thin layer of liquid foundation and nothing else.

Reds, Pinks, Oranges and Yellows

Forgive me for adding the beige and the dark brown to this group, those were accidentally left out in the neutrals group ^_^

and here are their swatches (the beige #1 is Identical to my skin+foundation shade so you can barely see its outline)

Blues and Purples:

and their swatches:

Greens and Turquoises:


 Neutrals and Monochromes:

And Swatches:

 you might notice I wrote some of the eyeshadow names in black, thats because these are a line newer than the rest of the colors.

Ok, so here is what I think:


  • Affordable compared to MAC and most high end eyeshadows (MAC Refill Pans are 85 in my currency and Inglot freedom system pans are 35)
  • Pigmentation is out of this world, for most shades what you see in the pan is exactly what you get on your skin.
  • A very wide range of colours with different finishes
  • Easily blended together, even the matte ones.
  • You get so much product for the price (Round pans: Matte 1.3g - D.S 1.4g -AMC 1.6g - Pearl & AMC Shine 1.8g / Square pans: Matte 2.3g) all at the same price.


  • Some of the lighter pearl shades show only a hint of the pigmentation and mostly just reflect light.
  • You can get a ton of fallout if you overfill your brushes, and because of their amazing pigmentation you have to clean fallout with a makeup remover or a wet wipe, you can't just dust it off.

Thats about everything bad about them that I can think of. I really tried and I posponed publishing this review just in case I had anything bad to say that I couldn't remember but that's really it. 
No more cons ^_^

I hope you found this review helpful and honest enough to want more reviews from me, just incase you missed it I did a Selena Gomez inspired series of looks using only INGLOT eyeshadow so please do check them out.
 (Click on the text under each photo for more pictures and products used) 

 Look #1

Look #2

Look #3

Look #4 that helped me win 36 lip tars from OCC)

Until next time lovlies, Take good care. xx

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