Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bratz Series: Yasmin Lips

Hi everyone. as I mentioned last post, I'll do Bratz lips in a separate post. So here is the look I'm trying to recreate:

and this is the result:

so If you want to know how to approximately achieve this lip shape, then keep on reading.

Start with smooth lips. The trick to a "natural" looking Bratz lips is to take away from the lip area almost as much as you add. As you can see in the next photo -where The white line represents roughly where my natural Lip line was- I have outlined the center of my upper and lower lips and in-lined the sides then curved the line up at the corners. I used the darkest lipstick i want to wear for that.

Then with the same color I drew three triangles, two on my top lip starting from the corners of my mouth, and finishing at the center of my lips, and a bigger one on the bottom lip (marked with black)
Next I used the medium color lipstick to fill in the rest of my lip and blended as much as possible with the edges of the dark lip color.
Last thing I did for the lipstick was to use a very light lip color and highlight the center of each lip and blend very well.
 Finally I used a lip liner matching my skin tone and erased the parts of my lips which didn't have lipstick on. mainly the areas shown in the next photo (you can skip this step if you used any lip erasing products before you start)

and there you have it, Kinda wearable Bratz lips ^_^
If you have anything to say about today's post please comment below, and I'll talk to you soon, xoxo

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  1. wowww thats really amazing , do you have the same lip shape or you did it with lipstick .

    I really like your work . Do check my blog

    1. Thank you sweetie, my lips are so different than Bratz lips. I used 3 shades of lipstick to kinda sculpt the lips while erasing some areas of my natural lips with flesh toned lipliner topped with foundation.
      I hope that answers your question