Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bratz Series: Jade inspired Makeup

Hello beautiful readers, Guess what look I'll be posting today?? Well, I already told you in the title, Haha.
So today it's a Jade inspired look but, this time I've used a different kind of photo for my inspiration. I have used a drawn picture of Bratz to create the previous looks, this time it was an actual doll that gave my the idea for today's post. Here is today's inspiration source:

And here is my look:

and looking away from the camera ^_^ :

If you like the look, then please, keep on reading.

So basically what I did was, I started with a simple black smokey then used a glittery black on top of it. As a highlight and allover the bare area above the black, I applied a shimmery silvery white. Also, sweeping some matte black under the lower lashes seemed like a good idea so I did it. Finally I put on some false lashes and coated them with black mascara and that was about it.

I hope my description was easy enough for anyone to recreate it, if you have any thing to say or ask please do and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Bye, xoxo

  • INGLOT Eye Shadow in *Matte 391* (Inglot)
  • MUFE Diamond Eye Shadow in *Diamond white* (Sephora)
  • MUFE Star Powder in *Black Gold* (Sephora)
  • Clinique high impact mascara in *Black* (Sephora)

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