Thursday, 11 August 2011

A teal "cat eye effect" smoky eye

Okay, So I promised you some tips to try to simplify the smoky eye. Today I'm living up to that promise and I've prepared a step by step tutorial of a Smoky eye that has a kinda cat-eye look.
 Well, enough blabbing and lets get started.
These are the things you'll need to achieve the look:

There are more items that I didn't include, mainly because I thought they were basics that I always use in every look and also because you don't need exactly the things I used. 

So in the picture above you can see:
  • NYX jumbo pencil in *black bean*
  • Two Flat eye shadow brushes like the MAC 242 and the MAC 239 (obviously you can use one and wipe it clean when alternating between colors)
  • A small eyeliner brush like the MUFE 0S
  • A small fluffy brush for blending like the MAC 213
  • A matte teal eye shadow
  • A frosty eye shadow that matches your skin tone
I'll also be using a primer, a black eye shadow, a black gel eyeliner and a black mascara.

I started off by priming my whole eyelid up to the brow and also under the lower lash line. Then using the jumbo pencil, I generously dotted the outer half of my eyelids NOT going over the crease. Using my fingers I blended and spread the dots in all directions until it looked something like this:

Make sure to extend the smudged black towards your temples, and the the intensity is at the outer corner and fades in all directions

Next, I applied the teal color using the flat side of the flat eye shadow brush, to the inner 2/3's of the eyelids and along the crease all around the black. Notice I left only the outer 1/3 of the eyelids without any eye shadow (you'll know why in a sec).

Then, with the other flat brush (also with the flat side), I placed the black in the outer corner, covering the area of the exposed black pencil and overlapping the surrounding teal in all directions

With the fluffy brush I placed the highlight under the brow bone, NOT touching the eye shadow beneath. I actually left some bare space for the next step.

OK, So we placed everything in their right place, whats left now is.... Blending. Using the fluffy brush I started to blend the colors (Highlight with the teal, Teal with black and finally black with the highlight). After that there weren't any harsh lines left.

Now lets move on to the Lower lash line, with the tip of the flat brush pick up some of the teal color and smudge it along the lower lid.

Then with the tip of the other brush pick up some of the black eye shadow and smudge it halfway over the teal.

After that all I did was line my upper lashes with a black gel liner and add two coats of mascara to the upper and lower lashes and voila............

I hope this was a helpful and fun look, and I really wish that its easy to recreate. Until next time, xoxo

  • Urban Decay primer potion (Urban Decay)
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in *Black Bean* (Amazon)
  • INGLOT Eye Shadow in *MATTE 372* (INGLOT)
  • MAC Eye Shadow in *Ricepaper* (MAC)
  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow in *perversion* (Urban Decay)
  • Mac Fluidline Gel Liner in *Blacktrack* (MAC)
  • MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara (Amazon)


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