Friday, 26 August 2011

Katy Perry's Last Friday Inspired Makeup

I have a little confession to make..... I absolutely LOVE Nikkie, of NikkieTutorials on youtube. As I said before I'm a youtube Junkie ^_^ and Nikkie is a Huge source of inspiration for me.
I watched one of her videos today, and couldn't stop myself from grabbing my Shadows and Brushes and recreating the look she was doing. If you want to watch her video you can click here

This post will be based on that video but using different products. Here is my version of that look:

So if you Like it please keep reading

As usual, I primed my upper and lower eyelids to make to colors pop. I then applied a Light turquoise blue to my lids and blended it up a little, followed by a bright purple just at the crease area also blending it up a little over the crease.
 Next I used a bright pink to the area right above the crease and extended it upwards, and I added some darker purple to the crease just to intensify the color a bit. Using a Light gold eye shadow, I highlighted my brow bone blended it well with the pink underneath.

For the lower lids. I'll I did was mix a dark blue with a shimmery royal blue and sweep it all the way in to the inner corner, and also extend it as a wing at the outer corner. Finally I lined my waterline with a very light pink pencil and added a couple of coats of mascara and that was it.

I really wish you try it out, because its an easy and fun look and you can try to experiment with different combination of colors and see what colors suit you best. Until next time, Take care. xoxo

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (Urban Decay)
  • MAC Eye Shadow in *Steamy* (MAC)
  • INGLOT Eye Shadow in *D.S 491* (INGLOT)
  • INGLOT Eye Shadow in *Matte 362* (INGLOT)
  • MAC Eye Shadow in *Prussian* (discontinued)
  • INGLOT Eye Shadow in *Pearl 426* (INGLOT)
  • MAC Eye Shadow in *Dazzlelight* (MAC)
  • Bourjois Ultra Black Volume Clubbing Mascara (ebay)


  1. Your looks are so great, do you have youtube chanel?

    1. Thank you honey, I don't have a youtube channel at the moment but I'm planning to start one soon. ^_^