Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Colorful Tropical Fruits Makeup Look

Hi Everyone, so I've been busy these couple of days, but.. I didn't want to be too late on my next post. That's why I've decided to reduce the amount of blabbing in my future articles.
 This way, It becomes easier for me to post something new every other day. But if you ever like a look and would like to know how I'd done it then all you have to do is ask and I'll be more than happy to tell you. ^_^

So, without any further duo, here is today's look

Today I was going for a colorful sort of Arabic makeup look with very strong eyeliner and well blended eye shadow colors. When I was done it looked more like a tropical fruits platter.

Tip: The key to a clean pointed Gel eyeliner is actually Q-tips.
 I drew the top part of the liner starting with a thin line and building it up to the thickness of my liking, then made an angle at the inner corner and filled it in. Then I used a dry Q-tip and twirled it around itself while tracing the underline of the liner (I hope that made sense ^_^) to clean and sharpen the inner tip.

So as I said before, I'll keep the posts light by going straight away to used products. If you do or don't like this way then please let me know. Thanks in advance and see you real soon, xoxo

• Bourjois Ultra Black Volume Clubbing Mascara (ebay)
• MAC fluideline in *blacktrack* (MAC)
• MAC Eye Shadow in *Yogurt* (MAC)
• Inglot Eye Shadow in *AMC Shine 15* (INGLOT)
• Inglot Eye Shadow in *AMC Shine 35* (INGLOT)
• Inglot Eye Shadow in *D.S 494* (INGLOT)
• Inglot Eye Shadow in *AMC 65* (INGLOT)
• Inglot Eye Shadow in *AMC 58* (INGLOT)
• Inglot Eye Shadow in *AMC 50* (INGLOT)
• Inglot Eye Shadow in *AMC 51* (INGLOT)
• Inglot Eye Shadow in *AMC 60* (INGLOT) 

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